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    Bodie McCoy, is the
    author of "Live the
    Promise" (image left) & he
    developed "Oracle of the
    Heart."; an enlightening
    system of 32 Healing
    Wordsderived from the
    Lord’s Prayer.

    Proverbs 16:33 says “The
    lot is cast into the lap: but
    the whole decision is of the

    With this in mind, in 1985
    Bodie began evolving what
    Oracle of the Heart™ had to
    offer and today  there are
    several creative life
    enhancing tools that he and
    his wife Barbara have
    developed and provide as
    their gift. The 4 Healing
    Words game is the primary
    game-like process that
    affirms the essence of who
    we are and provides over a
    million possible healing
    word patterns to work with
    as affirmations on a weekly
    basis. Go to
    to get your copy of the
    game and receive your 4
    Healing words for this week.

    Experience Bodie in a
    private phone consultation
    with your Healing Words,

    Learn More
To receive your Life Pattern from
Oracle of the Heart we suggest
A Life Dance Consultation with
Bodie or Barbara
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About Bodie  
Bodie McCoy
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