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    Bodie McCoy, is the
    author of "Live the Promise"
    (image left) and the developer
    of "Oracle of the Heart."; an
    enlightening system of
    Healing Words he derived
    from his understanding of
    The Lords Prayer.

    Proverbs 16:33 says “The lot
    is cast into the lap: but the
    whole decision is of the Lord.

    In 1985 Bodie began evolving
    what Oracle of the Heart™
    had to offer and today there
    are several creative life
    enhancing tools, Programs
    and meditations that he and
    his wife Barbara have

    Their Healing Words game is
    a free game-like process that
    affirms the essence of who
    we are and provides over a
    million possible healing word
    patterns to work with as
    affirmations on a weekly
    basis as their gift. (free)
         to play the 'Game" Now.

    Phone consultations with
    Bodie McCoy are available.

    Learn More
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With Oracle of the Heart
Live the Promise and